Justin miller | wed chicks

Kyle and Jared meet up with WedPics CEO, Raleigh Ambassador and self-proclaimed "tacosaurus", Justin Miller, and his coop of chickens for some backyard brews. Between chicken clucks, Miller recounts the ups and downs of raising $11 million and the story behind their Silicon Valley-esque acquisition offer.

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Known for his ability to lead a startup, eat tacos, raise chickens and tweet masterfully, Justin Miller, is a bit of a local celebrity in Raleigh, North Carolina. He's also the CEO of one of the Triangle's most high profile startups, WedPics.

If you've been to a wedding lately, chances are you've probably used WedPics. The app allows brides to create private photo albums, invite guests and re-live their special day through photos taken by attendees. WedPics is the largest and fastest growing wedding photo-sharing app in the world. With over 5 Million users and over 50 Million photos shared, it's no wonder the Raleigh-bases startup has landed $11 Million in funding.

The funding and success hasn't come without its share of fits and starts. Before the days of holy matrimony, the WedPics team was focused on photo-sharing in the live music and events space with an app called DejaMi. Although DejaMi had several high-profile clients, it wasn't until the founders decided to pivot to the underserved wedding space that they knew they were onto something. After listening to what the market wanted, and designing a simple and clean UX and UI, WedPics was born. Within weeks of launching the first version of the app, Miller and team received an acquisition offer from one of the biggest players in the space. 

Years after declining the aforementioned acquisition, WedPics is now the biggest player. Miller's startup story is the epitome of the lean startup model - at times, resembling that of a Silicon Valley episode. His ear for customer wants, eye for design and ability to lead his team in the right direction make him an invaluable part of Raleigh's startup ecosystem (and taco economy).