Kyle & Jared stop by the MATI Manufacturing facility for a tour and talk with MATI Founder and CEO, Tatiana Birgisson. The three play their hand at mixologist with a combination of champagne, white wine and all three flavors of MATI. Tatiana walks the fellas through MATI's journey from brewing in her dorm room to snagging a $100,000 investment from Steve Case.

About MATI

If beer is the preferred beverage of Triangle entrepreneurs, then MATI Energy is the lifeblood. From the amount of MATI addiction I’ve witnessed inside the walls of HQ Raleigh and American Underground, I’m convinced that it could be classified as a controlled substance. All of this is with good reason. The energy drink disruptor packs enough caffeine for 1.5 cups of coffee coupled with a boatload of antioxidants + potassium and ZERO added sugar.

The story behind MATI is just as good as its flavor, and it all starts with the founder and CEO, Tatiana Birgisson. At just 25 years old, the Google Demo Day Champion, Raleigh Innovator and NC Idea recipient is an entrepreneurial powerhouse. Before Birgisson started trading blows with industry giants like Red Bull and Monster, she was brewing teas in her dorm room at Duke University. While at Duke, Tatiana wanted to join an entrepreneurship club but needed a startup concept to do so. She noticed that people loved her home-brewed teas so she decided to brand them and use that as a ticket into the club. MATI was born and just a few short years later they have been purchased in 40 US states and territories.


MATI’s clean energy comes in three flavors: Citrus, Tropical and Cherry (Citrus is the Brew Crew's favorite). MATI's footprint includes, Amazon, Whole Foods, Relay Foods and more retail locations throughout the Southeast. Look for MATI's presence to expand with the recent opening of their 30,000 square foot brewery + production facility. The Durham-based energy startup has audacious aspirations, with the goal to grow into one of the biggest health brands in the world. We're excited to see where they if you'll excuse me, I'm having MATI withdrawals.