Malartu | Danger Zone

Kyle & Jared grab a couple of growlers of Crank Arm's White Wall Wheat and sit down with the founders of Malartu, Jon Spinney & Sean Steigerwald. In between sips, laughs and inside jokes, the four drinking buddies discuss finding the right business partner, startup financing, life as a rockstar and why the need is real.

About Malartu

Lack of capital. It’s the biggest killer of startups, and it takes no biased. You can have a great idea, a bright founder, a cool logo and a working widget but without the right amount of capital to launch and sustain, your concept will, unfortunately, meet its demise. Well, you might say to yourself, if capital is key to launching then it seems pretty obvious: throw some slides together, piece together a pro forma and raise some money. Although it seems obvious that doesn’t’ make it easy. In fact, raising startup money is a royal pain in the backside.

As recent college graduates trying to start companies, Jon Spinney and Sean Steigerwald quickly came to the realization that the fundraising process sucks (major suck = major opportunity). This realization led the two NC State alumni to join forces and fix the flaw. Their solution: Malartu Funds.

Malartu is an equity-based crowdfunding platform that makes investing in startups easier for an angel or VC and, in-turn, makes access to capital easier for startups. Through Malartu, an accredited investor can invest in single-company funds, sidecar funds or partner funds. Malartu cuts out much of the legwork for investors by allowing them to easily search and evaluate companies that best fit their investing profile. Over 95% of accredited investors are not actively investing in startups, and Malartu hopes to activate those investors through the ease of use and lower minimum investment commitments that come with their platform. If they can achieve this there will be a lot more money flowing for Triangle startups. More capital means a healthier startup ecosystem.

The financing space is both complex and highly-regulated and it's in need of a little disruption. Jon and Sean’s vision for Malartu is nothing short of audacious, but their ability to connect investors to startups has already started shaking things up. It's time to kill lack of capital.