Jon Colgan | Chopping Block

Kyle & Jared head to the woods to chop it up with serial entrepreneur, 500 Startups alum and all-around badass, Jon Colgan. The three sip on Raleigh Brewing's Miller's Toll while they talk everything from startup struggles & entrepreneurial traits to high school diplomas & chicken hawks.

About colgan

What do black soldier flies, touring musicians, hundred pound logs and startups have in common? Jon Colgan. Colgan might honestly replace the Dos Equis guy (sadly, his reign is coming to an end) as the most interesting man in the world. He has farmed black soldier flies and worms, been the front man of a band, written for the Huffington Post, gone through 500 Startups and launched several companies. All of these experiences have given Jon a unique perspective, and when you talk to him you can't help but notice his intelligence and special ability to analyze the things of life. When others would accept the status quo, Jon questions it. Which is why he started Veeto (formerly known as Cell Breaker) the concept that landed him a spot in the coveted 500 Startup Accelerator. 

Veeto is a service that allows "consumers to demand what they think is fair. And get it." Have you ever purchased something and by the time you got home you had this terrible feeling that you just made a huge mistake? Or maybe those avocados you got seemed to go bad way too fast. Most of the time your buyer's remorse is the result of a wrongdoing by the company you purchased from, and most of the time we do nothing about it. Well, leave it to Veeto.  Veeto members can list their complaint with a company (providing key details of the issue), request their idea of a fair resolution, and sit back and relax while Veeto makes it happen. The service sends the company an attorney-crafted letter of the customer's complaint + demand and works on their behalf until the company makes things right again...and Veeto always wins. Like every time (no seriously, Veeto boasts a 100% win rate). 

Leave it to Colgan to disrupt the status quo and always win. In between running Veeto, writing for ExitEvent and chopping wood at his North Raleigh house, Jon is working on several other projects. We can only assume that they will be as unique as the man himself.