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Kyle and Jared are in need of a nice clean up, so they hit up their favorite barber shop, Arrow Haircuts, for a cut, shave and a cold beer. Afterwards, the brew boys join Co-Founder of Arrow, Pete Phipps, at Trophy Brewing to hear how Arrow went from zero to three barber shops in two years with no hair experience and a zero dollar marketing budget.

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There's really nothing like it. The whip of the cape, the smell of the lather, the buzz of the razor, the taste of the beer - all of these micro-experiences play together like an orchestra to turn a mundane task into a memorable event. This experience is what Arrow Haircuts has built its reputation on, and what co-founders and brothers, Pete & Andy Phipps, credit their success to. This experience is also why a trip to Arrow (or their Durham shop, Pedro Williams) has become a habit for the Triangle's best dressed men.

In just over two years, Pete, a West Point grad, and Andy, a venture capitalist, have grown Arrow from three barber chairs to three shops throughout Raleigh and Durham, and all without experience in hair or a marketing budget. Despite the lack of experience, the duo was no stranger to the barber chair. Pete & Andy visited nearly every barber shop in the country worth mentioning before opening their first shop in Cameron Village - soaking in the experiences they enjoyed and making note of what they didn't. Ultimately, the brothers were able to develop a formula that put more of an emphasis on the customer experience than the haircut itself.

One walk through their doors and the emphasis on the customer is evident. Every cut starts with a handshake and the offer of a cold beer, consists of conversation from, what seems like, an old friend, and ends with warm shaving cream and a straight razor on the neckline. This packaged experience has allowed them to operate with a zero dollar marketing budget...because when your haircut speaks for itself, you don't need much advertisement. 

If you haven't found yourself in a chair at Arrow, do it. We promise you'll leave feeling as sharp as the name on the door.